Charleston Day Organization gives away turkeys, coats


On Thursday, Nov. 21, the National Charleston Day Organization and the Charleston chapter of the NCDO sponsored their annual turkey raffle and coat giveaway at the Charleston Day Building on David Alford Memorial Drive (Oak Grove Road).

Over 100 coats and 100 turkeys were given away.

The cost of the event is nearly $2,000 and it is funded by former and current residents of Charleston in nine cities across the United States. The NCDO has active chapters in Charleston; Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; Memphis, Tennessee; and St. Louis, Missouri.

Remembering the axiom “charity starts at home” many people from the NCDO made the sacrifice to come to Charleston or sent a donation to make the event a success.

We are thankful for a significant donation from Terry Cosby.

Barbara Holmes from the Atlanta chapter rode over with Charles Chambers, president of the Marietta, Georgia, chapter. Most of the coats were donated by those two chapters. A few came from Chicago. Also coming were three other members from the Marietta chapter: Carolyn Cooper, Shirley Pittman and Charlene Hall. Without their encouragement and energy, this event could not take place.

Robert Moore and Thomas Bernard from the Chicago chapter were present. Moore made the drive from Chicago feasible for the writer.

Everybody that came out and got a ticket went home with something. After all the turkeys and coats were gone, James Johnson blessed 10 people with $20 donations. With only four people left without anything, Jimmie and Garry Johnson provided donations for them.

In keeping with the spirit of giving, love and sacrificing, Martha Bland gave a turkey that she won to somebody who did not win one. She was surprised by a $100 donation that came from Shirley Pittman!

We are grateful to many people for their help, especially Charleston chapter president Bennie Paige and the other chapter members who prepared and served the snacks that everyone received and did other work. We thank Betty Love for volunteering (smile) her son Michael Love to do the heavy lifting.

We know a turkey and a coat will not change anyone’s life, but the NCDO is grateful to the people of Charleston, for the opportunity to show our love and give something back to our home community, and we thank the editor of this paper for allowing us to publicize it!                   

Alvin Johnson is president of the National Charleston Day Organization.


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