Charleston leaders attend conference in Vicksburg


Several Charleston officials recently attended the Mississippi Municipal League’s (MML) 2018 Small Town Conference in Vicksburg.

Charleston Mayor Sedrick Smith, Ward 3 Commissioner Tawanda Shannon and Ward 4 Commissioner Sandy Smith were in attendance.

The purpose of the conference is to give municipal elected officials, particularly those from smaller cities and towns, the opportunity to meet together and share ideas and challenges unique to their communities.

The conference followed a track-based educational program in which attendees were able to choose one of four educational tracks.

Track 1, Mayor/Board Operations and Relations, provided attendees with information on their position’s role in municipal government and how to better perform those duties.

Track 2 was focused on social media and reviewed the basic use of social media, highlighted legal issues municipal officials need to be aware of and provided tips on how to use social media to promote their town.

Track 3 featured classes on healthy communities and provided attendees with steps they can take to encourage healthy lifestyles for their citizens and create better access to health care.

Track 4 was a general track in which the sessions covered a variety of topics designed to assist local leaders as they make decisions that benefit their community.

“The excellent participation in the Small Town Conference exemplifies Mississippi’s local elected officials’ commitment to the continuation of their education,” said MML president, Mayor Glen Barlow of French Camp.  “Citizens everywhere should be heartened to know that their officials desire to be as informed, educated and prepared as possible in order to best serve their constituents.”

The mission of the MML is helping cities and towns excel. Established in 1931, MML represents 292 city, town and village governments in Mississippi.  MML is also affiliated with the National League of Cities, a lobbying, legislative and legal arm representing municipalities before the U.S. Congress.

For more information about MML, visit the website

IN THE PHOTO: Pictured while at the Mississippi Municipal League’s recent 2018 Small Town Conference in Vicksburg are (from left) Charleston Mayor Sedrick Smith, Charleston Ward 4 Commissioner Sandy Smith, Charleston Ward 3 Commissioner Tawanda Shannon and Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs Jr.  (Photo special to The Sun-Sentinel)