'CHS' Snapchat threat causes scare at Charleston High, other schools


East Tallahatchie School District Superintendent Dr. Ben Kennedy released the following statement shortly after 10:30 a.m. Monday regarding a lockdown at Charleston High School stemming from a social media post.


Ben Kennedy to Charleston Tigers
33 mins

Charleston High School went on lockdown today because of a statement on social media. Extra security from local authorities as well as from the MBI and FBI were called in and extra precautions were taken. After an investigation the threat was found not to be a valid threat.


According to multiple online media reports, the threat originated perhaps a month ago through a Snapchat post that showed a 17-year-old male student holding a rifle with a caption referring to "going out with a bang" at CHS.

In the end, law enforcement officials determined that the post originated in New Mexico and that the student in question was referring to Clovis High School (CHS) there. He was arrested April 5 and reportedly admitted his role to police in that state.

Still, word of the "CHS" threat has continued to spread across the internet, prompting school officials in states throughout the nation where there is a school known by the initials "CHS" to investigate and/or take extra security precautions.