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Charleston’s 12th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade and memorial program will be held Monday.

After 27 people filed to seek local elected office within the first five days of the two-month-long qualifying period a week ago, only two more added their names to the roster of political hopefuls this week and one person withdrew her name from...

Former Tallahatchie County sheriff William L. Brewer Jr. will have to wait a while longer to learn his fate in a federal court case.

The Charleston Police Department's present uniform patch, worn on the left shoulder of officers' shirts (the U.S.

Charleston Police Chief Justin Gammage said it was only fitting that Charleston schoolteacher Kaylan Herron should receive the very first newly designed shoulder patch that his officers will be wearing on their uniforms.

JACKSON — Flu activity is increasing in Mississippi and nationwide, according to Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) officials.



WEBB — Alpha Rebecca Lockett George, age 85, passed away Saturday, Jan. 5, at her home in Webb... READ MORE