Ben Rowland winner of $50 contest prize


Ben Rowland of Charleston  captured the $50 cash prize in The Sun-Sentinel’s 2020 Super Prize Contest.

Participants were asked to guess the final score of Sunday’s NFL title game, which saw Patrick Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs come from behind to win the program’s first Super Bowl in 50 years, 31-20, over the San Francisco 49ers.

The contest is graded by the aggregate of the picker’s variance from the points scored by each team.

Rowland hit the final score on the head, 31-20.

Finishing close behind were Tim Wright and Linda Hodges of Charleston and Sharon Reed of Tutwiler, who were 4 points off; and John Clark, Kathy Estes, Wanda Osbarn and Gloria Chambers, all of Charleston, Wesley Brasher of Enid, Ray Plez of Glendora, John L. Jackson of Tutwiler and Jeremy Washington of Webb, all of whom posted a 7-point differential in their guessed final score and the actual points scored by each team.

In a related competition, “Find the Footballs,” which was printed on the Super Prize Contest page last week, Stella Saulsberry of Charleston was the seventh person to call after 4 p.m. Friday and correctly identify the location of four tiny footballs hidden within advertisers’ blocks on the page, winning a $20 prize.  The footballs were within the ads of Charleston Tire and Service Center, Market Street Family Dental, Tallahatchie General Hospital and WADE.