Wedding Policy

The Sun-Sentinel welcomes and encourages the submission of engagement and wedding announcements. Your news of these special occasions appears both in our print edition and on our website.

Engagement announcements are $25 and may include a vertical color or black-and-white photo of good quality. The announcement should be no longer than 300 words.

Wedding write-ups also are $25 and may include a color or black-and-white photo of good quality. These articles should be no longer than 750 words.  Up to two additional photos may be included at a cost of $25 each.

Invitations to anniversary celebrations are sold by the inch and may include a photo.

The deadline to submit these items is Monday at noon for each Thursday publication.  Wedding narratives should be submitted no later than 90 days following the wedding or may be subject to additional fees.

Items may be submitted by:

» Email to

» Regular mail addressed to The Sun-Sentinel, P.O. Box 250, Charleston, MS 38921

» Hand-delivery at the newspaper office located at 149 Court Square in Charleston

For your convenience, The Sun-Sentinel accepts credit card and debit card payments, either in person or over the phone.

For more information, contact the newspaper office at 662-647-8462.