New year brings new opportunities


On Thursday, Jan. 2, at 11 a.m., newly elected and freshly re-elected Tallahatchie County officials are set to be sworn in at the county courthouse in Charleston.

If the event holds true to form, it will be a nice ceremony attended by a few dozen family members and friends of those who will be reciting the oath of office, and afterward there will be handshaking, picture-taking, back-slapping and a lot of yapping — uh, talking — to make this an upbeat and truly memorable occasion.

We again extend our congratulations to those who sought and were elected to public office, considering all of the physical, mental and emotional demands that serving the general public entails.

We hope that these men and women were chosen by a majority of the voters for their expected adherence to the qualities of law and order, decency, integrity and dedication to fulfilling the duties of their office with the utmost attention to justice.

Rose-colored nonsense?

We hope not.

Consider the morass in our nation’s capital. There is too much tomfoolery and political posturing, too little mutual respect and honor. Too much time is being wasted while too little meaningful work is being accomplished.

We trust and expect that our local elected officials will get along with each other in a reasonable manner and carry out their jobs more responsibly and efficiently than the examples set by so many within our federal government — and, sometimes, within state government.

2020 brings opportunities, but we know there will be challenges, too. We pray that people of high moral character and good intentions will guide the ships of city, county, state and nation with eyes set forward and a steady hand on the wheel.

To those of honesty and goodwill, Godspeed.


SCOBEY — James Robert Womble, 85, of Scobey, passed away Wednesday, Feb. 12, at his home.